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Veneers & Lumineers

Amazing technological advancements have been contributing to the field of medical science for many years. Recent years have witnessed unprecedented growth in the range of treatments to not only cure many dental anomalies but to change the appearance of the tooth structure entirely. Dental veneers are one of those methodologies that will assist in achieving your desired look. Any veneer is a mainly super-thin shell which is molded and designed as per the desired size, length, shape, and color of the teeth, which is then placed over the original teeth and cemented for strong dental bonding to last for many years.

Dental Bridge

Our Dubai custom dental crowns and dental bridges are crafted from the highest quality and aesthetic materials. Our ceramic dental crowns blend in perfectly with your smile for a natural appearance that’s functional too. Or if you need to replace missing teeth, the same type of design options are available when it comes to the types of dental bridges we provide.Ceramic Dental Bridge (for Missing Tooth) Dental bridges are used to fill in the "teeth gap" created by a missing tooth. A fixed dental bridge almost looks like 3-4 crowns in a row, but only the ones on either end will fit over a tooth or dental implant. The pontic crowns suspended between them span the length of your teeth gap, filling in the open space. Bridges are used for replacing a missing tooth or pair of teeth. They require a healthy natural tooth on either end for support. But in the instance of 3-4 missing teeth, the ceramic bridge can be supported by a pair of dental implants.


A full-coverage tooth crown is a protective restoration that completely covers the visible tooth above your gumlines. Some people refi to crowns as "caps" because of how they mimic a hat or helmet that slips over them. Crowns are recommended in instances where a tooth cannot structurally withstand normal, everyday wear.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a process of lightening and brightening discoloured teeth to make them look clean and healthy. Teeth are cleaned and polished to remove stains and look white by various methods ranging from simple whitening toothpastes, gels, rinses, strips, trays to whitening products which are done professionally at a dentist’s office.Your teeth light up your smile and enhance your personality. Everyone finds clean, white teeth attractive and you make a better impression on people when your teeth look good.You may want to have your teeth whitened:If they have got discoloured, either due to internal causes – damage to the dentin, which is the inner layer of your tooth, or external causes – staining of the enamel from smoking, or drinking wine, cola or coffee. To brighten your smile and look more pleasing aesthetically.

Orthodontics / Clear Aligners


Damon Braces

Also known as self-ligating braces, the mechanism behind the Damon system differs from traditional braces. There is no use for elastics or metal ties to control the movement. They are softer on your teeth and gums, and cleaning and flossing your teeth is much simpler with self-ligating braces, and the treatment process much faster than other braces.

Clear Aligners

In contrast to traditional braces, aligners use a new method to straighten teeth. They are transparent and detachable. Aligners are much more comfortable because they are composed of plastic. Customized transparent aligners, such as Invisalign and Eco aligners, are made for your teeth by our orthodontist in Dubai.

Metal Braces

The metallic braces provide the most effective results to correct all types of malocclusion of the teeth. Although the process is long, they work well and generally cost less than the other orthodontic treatments. Our orthodontists use stainless steel metal brackets that are glued to the teeth. The metallic wire is tightened gradually to increase the pressure to achieve the straightening. Metal braces will correct the most crooked teeth, which is why most patients prefer them.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant- A Modern Solution for Restoring The Dentition

Everyone is scared of a missing tooth in middle or elderly age. However, a cavity or infected tooth root can affect soft tissue in gums, causing tooth decay and further tooth loss. At Smile Spa Dental Clinic, we use dental implants to help obtain a new tooth or number of teeth in Dubai. Our competent dentist uses a non-invasive titanium fixture for the dental implants procedure. It is one of the most widely used tooth replacement options for restoring functionality and helps every new patient to achieve a smile makeover.

Why Undergo Tooth Implant Process?

The following factors may lead to a condition in which the patient requires prosthetic implantation:

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Discomfort wearing full or partial dentures
  • Damaged bone structure by gum disease, requiring a bone graft.
  • Improve speaking or communication skills

Dental Implants Types

General services

Root Canal Treatment

An endodontic treatment or root canal treatment refers to the cleaning of the canals inside the root of your tooth. These canals contain nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue called pulp. When a tooth is broken or develops a deep cavity, bacteria can enter the pulp causing infection that needs to be treated

Teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning in Dubai Preventative dental cleaning appointments are an essential part of having a healthy smile. But your teeth cleaning is more than just scaling and polishing your teeth. It goes much deeper than that. Professional plaque removal and tartar debridement can complement your overall health as well.
Your teeth light up your smile and enhance your personality. Everyone finds clean, white teeth attractive and you make a better impression on people when your teeth look good.
You may want to have your teeth whitened:
If they have got discoloured, either due to internal causes – damage to the dentin, which is the inner layer of your tooth, or external causes – staining of the enamel from smoking, or drinking wine, cola or coffee. To brighten your smile and look more pleasing aesthetically.


Tooth decay (cavities) is one of the most common oral diseases in adults and children. Although not all cavity symptoms are obvious, decay is a bacterial infection that can spread into adjacent teeth or cause abscesses. The key is to intercept it early, remove the decay, and fill the hole or gap that’s left behind. By sealing off the opening with a minimally invasive white filling, you can keep your smile healthy for years to come.

Dental Implants Types

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At Smile Spa Dental Clinic, we offer an extensive range of services to the people using the latest technology available in the dental industry today. It is our priority to create a warm, comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients, and deliver treatment with knowledge and care.


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Dr. Maha Hassan Awad

General Dentist & UK Aesthetic Diploma

Dr. Maha is a proactive and friendly dentist, who has the excellence to manage patients with exceptional brilliance. She is committed to provide the best quality treatment possible. After her graduation from Ajman University in 2007, Dr. Maha has completed her internship at the Military Dental Hospital in Sudan. She also worked as a clinical supervisor in Ajman University for 3 years, where she gained a vast experience in all dental treatments, including Pediatric dentistry.

She has extensive experience in general and cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, crowns,bridges,bonding,dentures,extractions, tooth colored fillings, root canals and all other types of dentistry to create that winning smile you so desire.

Dr Hussein Elmasmari

Specialist Restorative Specialist, Implantologist,

Dr Hussein Elmasmari, UK certified Restorative Specialist, Implantologist, who has more than 30 Years of clinical experience, with extensive experience in treating patients with simple and complex implant rehabilitations

Dr. Luai Mahaini

Consultant Orthodontist

Graduated from International University of Moldova, Faculty of Dentistry in 2000.
He started his postgraduate education at Department of Orthodontics at Bayerische Landeszahnarztekammer – Germany and completed his PhD and Doctorate in February 2005.

Faculty Teaching member at the Damascus University,
He was involved in teaching and clinical training undergraduate and graduate students in all fields of Orthodontics.
Also Dr Mahaini conferences speaker as Certified Speaker for Absoanchor.

Dr. Mahaini international member of German Board of orthodontists.