because the secret of beauty in your smile, our article about 7 benefits of orthodontics specialist

 is used to improve the appearance and alignment of crooked, protruding, or crowded teeth, and to correct problems with the bite of the teeth.

Orthodontic treatment is usually only started after most of a child’s adult teeth have started to come through.

This is usually when they’re about 12 years old, but it depends on how many of their adult teeth have come through and the growth of their face and jaws.


but remember treatment will not begin unless you have a good standard of oral hygiene, as orthodontic treatment can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum problems.

Now let’s talk about 7 benefits of orthodontics

orthodontics specialist

orthodontics specialist


one of 7 benefits of orthodontics correction of dental crowding and straightening of your teeth

correction of your bite so the front and back teeth meet evenly

reducing the chance of damage to prominent teeth is one of 7 benefits of orthodontics 

Many people have crowded or crooked teeth, or their teeth do not meet correctly when they bite. 

These problems can mean it’s harder to keep your teeth and gums clean and your teeth are more likely to become damaged.

In some cases, abnormal positioning of your teeth and jaw can affect the shape of your face.

Orthodontics can also help in the treatment of other health problems, such as cleft lip and palate.

After talking about 7 benefits of orthodontics, we come to

Tips before getting orthodontics specialist


Many people resort to using braces, which help correct the path of the teeth and get rid of gaps, but before installing braces, some important tips must be followed which are:


  1. Know the types of orthodontics specialist

One of the most important tips before getting braces is to talk to your doctor about the different types of braces to determine the appropriate type according to the condition of your teeth and the problems that affect them.

 Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and you must know all the information about each type before making the decision about getting braces.


  1. Treating dental problems

It is preferable not to postpone treatment of dental problems that cause pain before installing braces so that these problems do not worsen later, especially since installing braces can affect cleaning the teeth well and reaching various areas.


  1. Avoid certain foods

One of the tips before getting braces is to avoid some foods that are difficult to get rid of before getting braces, such as:


Chewy foods like candy.


Solid foods.

Crackers of all kinds.

Vegetables that are difficult to bite, such as carrots.

It is also recommended to peel different fruits before eating them. Because peels can get stuck between the teeth, especially apple peels.


  1. Clean your teeth well

You should make sure to clean your teeth well before getting braces, as this helps make the task easier. 

You should clean your teeth at home before going to the doctor.

It will also be cleaned again by the doctor using medical tools designated for this purpose, in order to ensure the removal of any impurities that could hinder the installation of the braces.


  1. Take a photo of the teeth

The importance of this image lies in monitoring the extent of the changes that occur in the teeth after the braces are installed, and how the braces were able to adjust the course of the teeth well. 

If the desired changes are not observed after the braces are installed, this picture will be necessary for the doctor to show it.

When talking about 7 benefits of orthodontics specialist , it must be mentioned why Dubai is the best

orthodontics specialist




Why Dubai Stands Out for Dental orthodontics specialist :


  1. World-class Specialists: Dubai’s healthcare landscape boasts a plethora of dental professionals trained from prestigious institutions worldwide. Their expertise ensures that patients receive the best care, tailored to individual needs.
  2. Technological Prowess: Dubai’s dental clinics are equipped with cutting-edge technology. From 3D imaging to computer-guided implant surgeries, patients benefit from precise and efficient treatments.
  3. Regulatory Excellence: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) maintains rigorous standards for healthcare institutions, ensuring patient safety, high-quality care, and continuous improvement.
  4. Value Proposition: While known for its opulence, Dubai’s competitive medical market ensures that dental orthodontics are cost-effective, often more so than in many Western countries.

orthodontics specialist


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